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For the most part of my life I have been known as a basketball player and serial entrepreneur - always looking for ways to make money work for me in order to have the freedom to pursue my passions and new interests. Prior to the 2020 pandemic I was playing professionally overseas and like many I was forced to look for ways to make money from home because all my income generating outlets had been put on hold.




I was introduced to 'forex' trading through a popular multi-level marketing company that promises to teach you how to trade and gain financial freedom. I learned the hard way that they say all the right things to lure you into joining their team and once you're in they reveal that all they really specialize in is teaching you how to recruit more members, to create this sort of pyramid-spider web-mess of downlines and uplines.

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Creating Money Moves Investments

From the start I knew I just wanted to learn to trade so when I realized that the company didn't have much to offer in that area I began searching outside of it. I bought more than a handful of trading courses I found all over the internet from some of the more popular traders out there and after going through all of them as well as doing research through books, watching videos, listening to podcasts all on how to trade forex and other markets I was frustrated that no course had it ALL. 
I spent thousands of dollars on courses that for the most part just regurgitated the same information and shared simple strategies that weren't making much if any profits in the markets.
My first few months in the markets I blew at least five trading accounts until finally I figured out a system - a trading strategy that consisted of an algorithm that allowed to be be profitable not just once or twice but remain consistently profitable by taking out the guess work from trading overall.
I am an algorithmic trader I know price action but I don't like to solely depend on it because I don't like to lose money - who does. So I coded a handful of indicators to create the algorithms I use to help me hand pick quality trades with a 85%+ accuracy level - which is a ridiculous when it comes to trading!
All this I have been able to do in literally under a year - when I first started everyone says it takes years to become a consistently profitable trader - which is true - if you don't have a good system in place.
I worked my ass off to find the perfect system and I have and that is what I am sharing with you here in this course - I have done all the work and put in the crazy hours so that you don't have to.
It's my personal system on how to beat the odds as a trader, take all the guess work out, learn the skill, apply it, and compound accounts like crazy. 
With that being said thank you for reading a little about me and my trading journey. I am excited you came across our course and hope you will join me and the rest of the Money Moves Investment members as we continue to grow as traders.



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