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Refund Policy


When you subscribe to any of our products and services you are immediately granted access to everything in the package you have subscribed to, therefore we have a strict no returns policy to protect our intellectual property.

If you are not sure about a specific subscription or have any questions not answered on our website about any product or service we offer please use the resources we have made available to you such as our members reviews, videos - both on our website and YouTube channel - highlighting what you can expect from each of our products and services, as well as our free discord chat where you are free to ask us as well as other MMI members any questions you may have. You may also reach out to our support team via email at [email protected] we will be happy to help.

We pride ourselves in being as transparent as possible and just want you to be satisfied with our products and services!





Cancellation Policy


You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account.

Once you cancel your subscription you will be not be charged again unless you resubscribe to one of our packages.

If you choose to cancel your subscription before the end of your bill cycle, your subscription will remain active and you will continue to have full access until the end of your billing cycle - for example, if your subscription was set to renew on the 25th of the month and you cancel on the 15th, you will continue to have access until the 25th.

We do not pro-rate or issue partial discounts.

Our memberships are set for automatic recurring payments that are charged every month, 3 months, 6 months or every year based on the plan you choose.

Once you subscribe to one of our packages the first payment will be charged immediately which will initiate your cycle (monthly, every 3 months, 6 months, or yearly depending on which you chose) and will be charged on the same date thereafter (every month, 3 months, 6 months or year - depending on what you chose) unless you cancel your membership BEFORE the renewal date.





How To Cancel You Subscription


If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so by clicking the "My Account" (must be signed in) option from the drop down menu that shows up under your name (located on the upper right hand side of our website on desktop or on mobile in the menu tab also under "My Account"). Click "Billing" and you will see an option to cancel. You will not be renewed but will continue to have access until the end of your cycle.




Subscription Changes


If you wish to upgrade your package before the end of your billing cycle or if you have chosen the wrong package send our support team an email at [email protected] explaining what you would like to correct and/or change. Please allow 48 hours to get a response from support and be advised that upgrades and/or downgrades are on a case by case basis.